today, i have been so productive.

today, i grocery shopped for the week with a cute little $30 budget. i made a game of it and it was actually pretty fun. i came home and got dinner (chicken, potatoes, and carrots) started in the crock pot. i planned out all my classes for the winter because i'm registering at midnight tonight. 
i also officially declared a minor. yep, i'm no longer just "english major, creative writing emphasis." i am now, "english major, creative writing emphasis, organizational communication minor."

swear i'm not as boring as i sound on paper.

while i was on the phone with the registrar's office, david tucked his shirt into his pants and pulled them up high, erkel-style.  he posed, leaning against the doorway, and i started laughing right in the middle of my conversation like an idiot. it was so funny.

tonight, i'm excited to go to FHE, work out, make newspaper flowers, and register for classes.
wait.. i AM as boring as i sound on paper. oh well.

song on repeat: Mountain and the Sea, by Ingrid Michaelson 

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