these last few days have been soo mellow...it's been wonderful.  the bitter cold has lightened up in rexburg, the wind has died down, and the snow now feels almost peaceful.  i wish it could stay like this all winter.  i don't have anything super interesting to write about, but here are some quick bullets about the ins and outs of the last few days:

- david surprised me with lilies yesterday! they're my favorite; what a guy. they are now proudly displayed in a red plastic cup on top of my tv (i broke my flower vase a couple months ago). i love that i married someone who knows how much the little things can mean.

- my neighbor and fhe buddy stacy fixed my computer today!! this is big, great news as my macbook has been driving me crazy for seriously the past year.  it's been slow, i can't pull word up (which i kinda sort of need as a college student..), and itunes, iphoto, and safari all take forever to pull up, too.  she ran some sort of quick scan that my computer does that i didn't know about and...voila! it's fixed! i feel sort of stupid for not knowing about this before, but i'm glad i didn't buy a new computer like i was thinking i would have to.  thanks, stacy!! stacy also let me hold her gorgeous little boy for a while today--another highlight.  he's the sweetest baby.

- the store had an AWESOME day today. it never gets old; i love seeing people get excited over our clothes.

- i made a meal plan and we're sticking to it! last night we had crock pot steak tacos (steak = an onion, packet of taco seasoning, and a chuck roast in the crock pot for 6-8 hours. softest, most amazing taco meat ever. thanks for the delicious recipe, mom!), and tonight it's spaghetti caliente. i know how cliche it sounds, but i love having a hot dinner on the table for my husband instead of eating out or microwaving something quick.

- we're gearing up to have my parents here this weekend, and then leave for GEORGIA for christmas in less than a week!  so excited to be done with this semester and have my husband back. not so excited for nick and brooke to be graduating and leaving me :(

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