"at times like this i'd call myself a fool to ask for more."
-sylvia plath                     image via
today, i am grateful.
i'm grateful for my husband, who makes me smile countless times a day. my husband i fall in love with over and over again.
i'm grateful for my family, who i got to see alllll last week and then got a BONUS day with my momma.
i'm grateful for friends who facebook chat my boredom away and friends who help me pick out new glasses.
i'm grateful for my little store, and for all the hard work that it represents. for our customers who keep coming back.
i am even grateful for rexburg, even though it seems to be saying it hates me with this freezing cold.

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  1. I love your header photo and the cute little saying.

    I wish we would have left California two hours later so we could have met up at a gas station or fast food or something. But, promise me we will get together in January. Can you bring Clean Flix Slumdog Millionaire? :)

    Oh and I thought it was so cute and funny that you introduced yourself on the phone as "Mrs. Haynes." I love it.


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