i just want to be waarmm...

rexburg has officially plummeted into sub-zero temperatures and, naturally, the beloved-but-ancient bulding i live and work in is producing zero warm air. last night i went to sleep wearing thick, woolen, manly snow snocks because i just couldn't get my feet warm no matter what. i am not usually jealous of the girls baking their youth away in our tanning beds...but today, i really wouldn't mind crawling inside one just to be warm for 15 minutes. aand the electricity behind my counter just popped so my little mini personal space heater isn't working.

i know i talk about the cold on here a lot in the winter, but it's hard to think about anything else!!


  1. Tell me about it.

    Life-saver I learned from a family who had their heat shut off for a few weeks one fall? Heat/rice packs! Sew a couple of peices of fabric together and fill it with rice (like a beanbag), pop it in the microwave for a few minutes and keep it at the foot of your bed at night/in your lap while reading/etc. etc. AMAZING.

  2. Liz has a great idea. We did that before too. Works wonders.

    However, the bestest remedy of all is to come and see yo momma. She sure misses here bpdc something fierce!

  3. Oh those cats are CUTE! Stay warm:)



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