'i know that saying it's cliche sounds cliche, but i am what i am!...that's popeye...'

last night, carrie and i were chatting on the phone. she shared her secret to keeping stainless steel cookware and old, grimy bathtubs sprakling white, and we laughed about how cliche we were being--mormon housewives discussing cleaning products. i made a comment about my last post on here, how i'd said that i love having a hot dinner on the table for my husband each night. i've been thinking about that a lot this morning. i don't want this to turn into the 'mormon mommy' blog cliche (cause i'm not even a mom), even though i do post my favorite recipes and gush about how perfect my husband is...but i am going to go ahead and be cliche for a post here, okay? so bear with me.

i love having a clean house for my husband to live and work (he works from home) in. i love making a dinner that we both enjoy and feeling proud of myself for learning a new skill. i love letting david open doors for me, and getting excited when he brings home flowers for me. i like doing these things in addition to getting a 4-year education and owning a small business. i just like being happy with my husband.
here's a really excellent, super easy pizza recipe to round out the cliche. my sister-in-law gave us the rhodes-loaf dough idea, and it's our favorite go-to recipe:
take 1 rhodes frozen bread dough loaf, thawed (this usually take a couple hours; just set it out in the afternoon). roll it out onto a pizza pan and bake it at 350 for about 10 minutes, just to get the dough started cooking. pull i tout of the oven and do pizza sauce, cheese, toppings, etc. put back in the oven and finish cooking, until the cheese is melted and the edges if the dough are golden. dave eats his with just sauce and pepperoni (on account of lactose intolerance) and loves it.

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  1. that is how my Mom made her pizza dough and he let each of us put whatever toppings on our piece as we wanted. I loved it growing up! I love you blog and hearing how happy and in love you and Dave are! I agree it feels wonderful being in a clean home, it is a lot harder with 2 kids and I have to keep reminding myself to enjoy the time playing with them and leave teh cleaning at times as I will miss the messes when they are grown, but I try so hard to have it straightened for when Josh returns, not that he would care if it wasw messy, I just want him to be able to relax with us when he returns.
    The store windows look great! We will have to stop by and see you soon.


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