on english and mr. C

in my senior year of high school, i took a creative writing class. i'd always loved writing and exceled in english, but this class took it to another level. the teacher was different, too--his name was mr. C and he had black hair that he sometimes dyed crazy colors and wore combat boots and tee shirts with popular bands' names on the front. it was obvious from day one that mr. C was pasisonate about english and teaching; every paper we got back had margins filled with his commentary in red pen. comments like 'lol' or 'awesome!' were just as frequent as corrections on our papers. the last half of every class was dedicated to workshopping, where students would read their most recent works. everyone in the class would get a copy of the piece being read and we'd all make comments and suggestions, too--so the writer ended up with 25 copies of their poem or story with commentary and suggestions. it was incredibly helpful, fun and most definitely the highlight of my senior year. i think it's the only class i took in high school that i can honestly say i still use information from in my life now. at the end of the year, mr. C would hold 'fiction & diction,' where we all had to get up in front of our peers and family and read a favorite piece of work we'd done, and he also gave out awards to student-voted outstanding writers (i was lucky enough to get an award for my fiction--which i'm still proud of :). also at the end of the year, several near-graduates were invited to join a book club that mr. C hosted. the book club is called 'covergirls,' and the books we read are all amazing and funny and thought-provoking. it's fun to have a piece of my favorite thng about high school to take me with me through my college years. just today, a copy of this christmas' book came in the mail from mr. C; it's called The Solemn Lantern Maker and i'm so excited to start reading it. it also came with a beautiful and sweet card that reminded me again why i loved that class and why it's important to keep writing, writing, writing no matter what.

all that to say...i loved mr. C and loved his class. i honestly think it's the main reason i'm here studying english and hoping to teach creative writing; because my 12th grade creative writing teacher made me believe that i had something interesting and good to tell the world through my writing.

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  1. Good for you! It is amazing the influence a teacher can have on a life. That's part of the reason I am teaching too! Have you read Snowflower And The Secret Fan? I just finished it and liked it. You might too.


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