i took some pictures of this inside of the store today.  it's fun for me to compare these to the pictures we took on the weekend we opened, and i'm sure it'll be interesting to compare pictures in another year. it's a constant work in progress.
this is our new and improved tanning lotion display wall:
(mad props to the say it wit style etsy shop for our AMAZING paris decal! i just put a vinyl decal up in my apartment today; pictures of that one later)
our jewelry table, bought on craigslist, sanded, painted, and fabulous--as well as the triangle shelf i found a year ago at world market and fell in love with.  that shelf is definitely coming with us when we leave rexburg:
the salon. we finally got wall art for between those two chairs, which has honestly been 6 months in the making. notice the base of the eiffel tower in the corner?? that's my favorite part! it's looking crooked to me in this picture; promise in real life it's level.
jewelry table #2. my little counter that i sit behind is to the left of this table, but you can't really see it here.  those feather hairpieces are courtesy of erin's amazing zoaa etsy shop.
note: i just realized both of the etsy shops i linked to are down for the holidays, but check back with them later! these ladies are talented and make some really awesome stuff.  they're also both college students in the rexburg area and are both extremely cute girls. love them.

well, there's our store right now!
hope you enjoyed my little picture tour. i'm really excited to post pictures of the mural on the new wall when it's done! it's going to look incredible and will be staying in line with the kind-of-french theme we've started.


  1. Hey!!! So, i'm here in the good ole' Kentucky Bluegrass and my sister in law (who is FABULOUS, who has four splendid kids, who is just barely had to sign her divorce papers and send them in) LOVES my shirt... totally and completely LOVES IT!

    she begged me to tell her where i got it (ok, no begging necessary, i started to gush about your boutique immediately... but i'm digressing)
    so i told her when i got back to Rexburg I'd buy her one, just like mine and send it back...

    bottom line: please please please don't sell your last GREY top. It's long, it's got two fabulous zipper pockets, it's next to those cute red shirts in the pic... size large... keep one for me!!!!

    oh, and i just might have to buy one or eleven of those insanely chic feather headbands... but then again... am i too old for headbands? i believe there's some sort of rule or window of opportunity for pulling off a good headband... hmmm... i'll have to google it.

    sorry bout this novel-sized comment. i just love you guys so.

    Katy from the Burg

  2. No problem!! What size do you want? And thank you so much for saying those sweet things about our store; totally makes my day :) We'll be back on the 2nd!

  3. LOVE IT!!! The store is so cute! I would love to shop there someday:)


  4. Thanks B!
    Size Grande (that's spanish for large) would be much appreciated!

    Thanks so much, we'll see you when vacation is over!!!


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