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noteworthy things about today:

- we got two new clothing shipments in. aahh...my element. new things included an adorrrrable olive green fleecey coat thing and oatmeal colored lounge pants...both of which i'm already plotting to sneak up to the apartment. along with another insanely soft zipper-neck tunic sweater thing. i know it sounds materialistic, but...i just love clothes. i do.

- i also { finally } swapped out our display window's fall leaves for fake, tulle snow. i need to get electricity into our bigger window so i can put christmas lights underneath the tulle. fancy, fancy.

- our landlord hosted a little christmas dinner for the tenants in our building (we're tenants x2, cause store + apartment). the dinner was amazing. company was great.

-my NEW GLASSES were ready at the optometrists!! david got them for me as a christmas present and i just love them. i feel grown-up and maybe a little mysterious. he likes them, too :)

- if another person walks into my store and says, "so...where do you get these clothes?" i might scream. hey, stranger...why would i tell you that? it just seems like such a random question to me. am i overreacting? do any of you that read my blog walk into stores and ask where the clothes are from? i think i'm going to just start saying, "from people who sell clothes to people who own clothing stores."

- david brought me a mug of hot cider in the store today; it was nice.

p.s. did you notice my new 3-column fanciness?? that took me like a hour and a half today. i'm definitely not computer savvy, but...that's cool :)

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  1. i love the new look - and the clothes sound super cute! you should make a sign stating "please do not ask where we buy our clothes" haha


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