silent night

it's about 11° outside ("feels like 2°," according to weather.com) & toasty warm in our apartment.
i wrapped gifts this afternoon,
drinking apple cider,
and there's a {lactose-free} pumpkin pie in the oven. 
(today, david said, "honey, please bake me a pie!" he was kidding...but i really did it :)

i've tried to decorate our little apartment for christmas...
i put lights up in the window (it looks funny from main st., our little tiny window way up high),
tacked stockings to the wall (no mantle),
and hung a wreath on our door.

for the first time in my life, i am making a real effort to get in the christmas spirit...
i think it's working!

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  1. Our lights look kind of funny too - but perhaps with more lights up it will help!


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