inspired by carrie and the rockstar diaries,
i am declaring today worthy of a
"10 things that make me terribly happy"
list...plus, regular readers of my blog will know how much i adore a good list.

1. my store. even on the days that i hate it, i love it.

2. distilled water. makes me feel so energized and clean and full and good. i don't even mind that i look silly toting a gallon-sized plastic jug of it around.

3. the folks over at the paul mitchell hair academy, who bring me goody bags every now and then just to say 'thanks' for having their graduates working in my salon.

4. pizza rolls. they are so yummy.

5. running into chan at wal-mart and christmas shopping together for like an hour and a half :)

6. letters from michelle. there's nothing like letter love from my best friend over in londy.

7. my mom. she always picks up the phone, listens to my rambling updates, and tells me how much she loves me.

8. liz's idea for rice microwave warm bag things. i made one tonight and it's real nice! thanks, liz!

9. humors. i know saturday night blew, but...i still love you guys. lots.

10. david. david who took time out of his insane homework load to cuddle with me + my freezing cold feet for an hour tonight. david who never, ever says 'no' to a kiss or a snack with me or a request for a back scratch. my best friend, who ALWAYS listens to my stories and jokes even if he's heard them before. love of my life. ridiculously handsome man that i get to live with. i don't even care that i get gushy-cheesy-ridiculous about him on here sometimes, i just love the guy so much.


  1. Yay! This list makes me happy! Seriously. Those rice bag things. Amazing.

  2. I didn't know there was another blog that had this list but I am very happy it is called Rockstar Diaries!


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