you know it's gonna be...all right (all right! all right!)

the things that i think about on thursday :

1. i love getting new clothes into the store. like, really really love it. i love opening up boxes and tearing open plastic wrap and seeing the things i picked out on-line in real life. i love entering them into our system; i feel in-control and confident. i move quickly. i put them out on racks and rearrange the old ones. i change out our mannequins and i feel happy that i finally have a job that i'm good at.

2. people should probably cover their mouths when they cough at any time.
they should definitely cover when they cough in public.
and it's just flat out rude to stand on the other side of my counter, 2 feet away from me, and cough directly into my personal apace. it would be rude even if the swine flue WASN'T going around--but it is.
just...cover. or at the very, very least, turn your head. please and thank you.

3. i love return customers with all of my heart.

4. it's getting cold outside, and i'm just ecstatic that we've got heat in the store this year. it's cozy and just good customer service to have a warm place for people to shop when they're braving 20-degree weather to come to my store.

5. i miss pierre. i know he's happier running around at home on the ranch in california, but it sure was nice to have a little buddy keeping me company and coming to clean tanning beds with me and snoozing by my side.
6. my mom brought us trader joe's dark chocolate roasted pistachio toffee. 3 boxes of it. it's as good as it sounds, too. oooh my goodness, thank you mom. they say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach...well, i say that the way to a brandilyn's heart is through her stomach, too. or with a cat. but toffee for now.
7. quite a few people that i know are having/have had babies recently. i'm just so happy for all of them and their tiny new additions! lots of cuteness hitting some of my favorite blogs lately.
8. i love david.

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