bang your head

check it out!
it's my first completed crochet project...a headband/ear warmer to send to michelle in london!  i don't even know how much longer it'll be cold over there...but i know michelle like old lady activities, like knitting/crocheting, and i know she likes me...so i think she'll like it even if it's warming up.
my neighbor stacy made a bunch of these for the store and i'm so excited to join her in headband making.  i decided to send my first one out to my bestie, though, because she's long overdue for a package from rexburg.
i'll do a post about her package once it's all complete!
i'm excited.


  1. I LOVE IT! I'd wear it...save on postage...

  2. Teach me! You must be the best person to be best friends with while on a mission because you send such thoughtful packages. I bet Dave wishes he knew you when he was on his mission. :)

  3. I want it I want it I want it!!!!!!!!!!! Send me one right now. Teach meeeee. Im obsessed.

  4. It looks awesome!!! You did a great job!

  5. Blog stalked ya back! I'm pretty sure that we need to be friends. Well, we kind of already are, but I think with our weekly "play dates" (Adam called it that) with Carrie on Fridays at Panache, we can "seal the deal", so to speak. I am excited to come roast my skin again this Friday.

    PS... If that grey tank shirt with the fancy ribbon neck is still in the store, will you put it on hold for me until I can come get it? I keep thinking about it, so I think it needs to be mine. :)


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