dabba dee dabba da

i've been blue these past few days.
B L U E blue.

i like to think it all started with the revelation that our refrigerators' motor had died. we realized this on thursday night, but it had obviously been out longer than that. we found our chicken mushy and everything smelled funny. dave inspected item by item to see what we could keep and what had to be tossed...and item by item, the garbage bags filled up.

literally a months worth of food went into the garbage. i felt like we had withdrawn (at least!) $150, crumpled it up, and flushed it down the toilet. i sighed. i stomped my feet. i maybe teared up a little bit.

we thought to ourselves, "surely we will have a new fridge by tomorrow!" but we didn't.

"well, saturday's a bit late, but we'll be so relieved to get a new one, the 2 days without won't matter!"
nope. no fridge on saturday.

by then we were just irritated. and on sunday night, when the fridge kicked back on, we just didn't care. our landlord told us to fill the fridge, and that he'd pay us back for the food if it turned off again, but we didn't dare. no matter who's spending the $$, we don't want to throw more food away! we want a new refrigerator!

well, my mondays are usually spent grocery shopping, cleaning the kitchen, and making dinner. but, alas, with no refrigerator, i didn't. plus, why make dinner when i can't save the leftovers? throw more food away? no!!
i felt grumpy and useless. i still feel grumpy and useless. we're on day 6 with no refrigerator.
i know it shouldn't affect my whole day, but really...it is.

i don't know if i should blame my blue mood entirely on the fridge, though...cause the PMS isn't helping.


  1. Thanks to PMS, yesterday alone, I: made myself cry, made Jacob feel terrible/like it was his fault, eat too much, then eat too little, sleep for 3 hours in the afternoon when I should have been doing homework, and cried again. I may have a working refrigerator, but I feel your pain. I hope you get one soon!

  2. hope you feel less blue and more cheery soon! xo

  3. Hey, looks like our fridges busted at the same time! I walked in the kitchen onto a puddle of melted ice and once frozen goods. Total bummer. But we are back and running again as of monday, so I am sorry you two are still waiting on one. best of luck and hope you get a new one soon!


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