D.I. is AOK

today was a great day!
i was productive, stayed busy all day, and chatted with some of my very favorite people.
i went to D.I. (rexburg's thrift store) to look for a food bowl for ms. puppy. i found a really cute one for 50c, but in the process i also found the above blanket (i'm obsessed with the fabric) and this matched set of 4 plates for 75c apiece in my favorite color! i couldn't walk away without them. i also crocheted a little purple bow to attach to ms. puppy's collar; kind of cheesy but i think it's fun. tomorrow starts our first week of full-time puppy in the store and i'm so excited!
(sorry the picture quality isn't the greatest)

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  1. Okay, I NEED one of those cute crocheted bows!!! I love it. By the way that thing is HUGE. Haha, is it on your knee?? It will be so cute on the puppy!


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