did the wind sweep you off your feet?

(doing homework in bed. cause it's cold and i can :)
i'm sort of surprised it's already thursday!
class overview: communications classes = piece of cake, piece of crumb cake (name that movie); english = i don't want to talk about it; d&c = interesting!
overall, things are going well.

there's a pomeranian on craigslist that i desperately want...i emailed the people and they said she hardly sheds, doesn't bark, and loves to sleep in her dog house at night. i just wish mr. landlord would let a puppy sleep in our apartment at night; when pierre was staying with us for that week i cried every night i had to leave him down in the store!

david and i had the sweetest date night last night. we ate leftovers for dinner, did a session at the temple, and got some (DAIRY-FREE!) frozen yogurt at twizlberry. they will forever have our hearts and business so long as they keep their dairy free options.

i know i don't get religious on here too often...but i wanted to say quickly how grateful i am for prayer, for revelation, and for the purpose in life my religion gives me. lately, every time i've had something that's bothering me, a simple prayer brings me comfort and peace. i know that there's a plan for me and my life; it's just trusting in that plan that i sometimes forget to do!

anyways, i know this post was sort of all over the place. i hope everyone's finishing up their week well and happy and staying warm (it's 33* here in rexburg...not bad!).

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