10 things that make my day very happy:
1. the cocoa bean's new drink, almond joy.
and yes, i say it 'ammon joy.' get over it--i got it from my mama!

2. st. jon's wort. holy cow, herbal supplement of the year! i love it!

3. my husband in his work clothes.
love those business clothes. hate that he leaves me all day on a saturday.

4. a HOUSE for rent we found that may or may not be $300 a month.
i know, too good to be true, right? we'll see! it is pretty small...but if you've ever seen our little main st. apartment you know we're used to tight living quarters. and this place has a finished basement. like i said, we'll see though...

5. my puke-green cardigan. every time i wear it i feel so fancy.

6. new friends
(every time i say 'new friends' i think of singing that song in a round in primary as a little kid: "make new friends, but keep the old! one is silver and the other is gold!") oh, and letters from old friends..letters sent from london!

7. my little store. the clothes that live here. the music i play. the people in the salon. the cute customers. sitting behind my counter and feeling important when i answer questions :)

8. school. as grateful as i'll be to have that degree and be done with it all, i do enjoy the classes. and the professors here are just ace.

9. crocheting! crocheting makes me happy. and it makes me happy that i have an awesome, talented, patient neighbor who shows me new crocheting things, too.

10. david...always david.

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  1. I'm so dang proud of you crocheting, my pretty! Good on you. And, yes, "ammon" is the absolute correct pronunciatiton of the word "almond". I'm so glad that you are my girl! You make me so happy!


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