down in the backpack..backpack...

i just saw a cute 'what's in your bag?' post over at tea time and felt inspired to do one of my own! since i'm in school, i no longer carry a cute purse (sad, i know), but a backpack instead. it just makes more sense...plus, i wouldn't want to break a purse strap with all my heavy school stuff.
so this is my trusty backpack:
and here's what's inside! no, i don't carry a huge picture of a creepy cat around with me...that's actually my macbook with a hilarious big sticker on it. my obsession with cats is sort of a joke with my friends. below that is mt orange binder with a picture of david and i and my (recycled!) pencil bag.
these are the things that would normally be in my purse. my cell phone, wallet, manicure kit (which may seem like a stupid thing to carry around, but it comes in handy allll the time), my earphones + iPod (which i couldn't put in here because it's currently playing music for the store), burt's bees chapstick, the adorable birdy pouch my mom got me from anthropologie (it holds extra bobby pins and hair rubber bands), lotion, gum, inhaltor (don't make fun), and tissues.
these aren't usually in my bag, but they are today because i got a package from michelle in london yesterday! her note said that everyone says the chocolate is better in europe, so she sent me some to test out. i think it's so fun to see different candy wrappers than ones that are usually in line at the grocery store!
so there are the contents of my bag!
make sure you comment and tell me if you do a similar post, i want to see what's in your bag, too!


  1. Love the sneak peek into your bag. The chocolate is truly better in Europe, especially anything Cadbury! I am Canadian but I went to Ireland last summer and tested it out for myself.
    jane doe

  2. i like your style...i wish you had an online store, i'm dying to shop there! and oh, ps i'm a friend of the hesselgessers, not a crazy person :)


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