eating out in georgia

while in georgia, david felt it his duty to expose me to all of the food i missed out on growing up on the west coast. over christmas break, i ate at all of the following for the first time:
the verdict: chick-fil-a and waffle house are my two favorites & krystal and steak 'n shake my least favorite two.
i ate way too many burgers. none of them were better than the one david's dad barbequed for me, though!!
& by far the best restaurant experience we've ever had was our date night at the buckhead diner.
the prices were reasonable but we still felt like we got a fancy dining experience...and the food blew my mind. every single thing was delicious.
if you're ever near atlanta, you should definitely hit up the buckhead diner!!
(you can find another post about georgia right below this one!)

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  1. Hi Brandilyn!
    I'm Sarah Timmons, and I'm the maker of the necklace you won on the Naturally Nina blog. I just wanted to let you know that I mailed it off to you first thing this morning, and I hope it should reach you by late-week. I decided to choose you because I hopped over to your blog after reading your comment on Nina's, and discovered that you and I have a lot in common; I'm sure we would be great friends if we knew each other in real life. My sweet husband is a grad student, and I can easily identify with all that you say about being short of extra funds and appreciating something pretty every once in a while. I hope you'll let me know how you like the necklace when it arrives. Happy New Year, and best wishes!


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