english and proud of it

today in one of my communications classes, the professor had us arrange our desks around the outside of the classroom, with 2 desks head to head. he had us do a 'speed-dating' type of thing, except we're obviously not dating, he just wanted us to get to know our classmates. we had 1 minute with each person and just did the typical, "where are you from? what's your major?" thing. with one particular girl, my conversation went as follows:

me: so what's your major?

her: communications

me: oh, that's really cool! comm is such a versatile major.

her: yeah, people always say it's the easiest major, but i say that communications majors are like english majors except we have brains and a direction.

me: oh. ok. so what do you want to do with your degree?

her: be a journalist or lawyer or something. what's your major?

me: it's..english.

awkwarrrrd! in regards to this conversation, i have two things to say:

1. okay, communications really is one of the easiest majors. i'm not saying that my major is that hardest, or takes the most brains, because everyone has different strengths. i really do feel like comm is a major that anyone could excel at, though.

2. think before you speak. don't cut down another major to a classmate when you don't yet know what they're studying. and i just don't think it's very tactful to be that rude about anything to someone you don't know very well.

anyways...classes are going well in general, but i'm very thankful it's the weekend.


  1. Well, communications IS the hardest major Brandilyn. I like to say a communications major is like an english major only we have less tact and end up with our feet in our mouth more often. Which is ironic...
    (By the way, I knew THREE communications graduates that worked at Artco).

  2. I totally agree! Comm major has got to be one of the easiest by far. That or university studies. P.s. please don't judge me on my lack of grammar skills.

  3. So funny, Brandilyn.
    I was an English major too. And no, I may not have a defininte life direction, but I have working knowledge of a lot of wonderful literature, critical thinking skills, have earned the right to make up words. I wouldn't trade those things for a communications major any day.


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