FACT: life is uncertain.
we might be moving soon (long story..i'll post about it as things happen, which may not be for a while) & we might be switching from the student ward to the family ward.  both things are probable yet uncertain.

FACT: it's good to be productive and it's good to have fun.
today was my first monday (read: day off from the store) since the new semester started.  i think i made it into a very reasonable blend of grocery shopping, watching arrested development and coloring, doing homework, making dinner, and fhe. i think i would go crazy without my day off from my store that i love so much, for reals.

FACT: family is everything.
i want to go to california right now. i miss my family. i miss rachel. i miss my cat.  it's hard to feel like my family needs me more than byui does right now, and at the same time know that i can't leave my studies. i just love that family of mine.

FACT: friends make everything better.
i love our fhe family. everyone's hilarious and i seriously look forward to monday nights all week. it doesn't hurt that the babies are cuter-than-cute, too.

FACT: taco bell is delicious.
i really want some of those cheap nachos right now. is that awful? i just love those little guys.

FACT: i am very married.
sometimes i look at david and think that he's so cute and that i love him so much, my heart really might explode. i'm glad it doesn't, though. explode, i mean. because then i wouldn't be able to enjoy the nachos i'm probably about to go get.

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  1. I'm glad you still like us - even when the baby is crying...and crying...and crying...


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