gotta eat!

okay, how cliche is it that i'm about to do a post about eating healthy right after the new year??
but, alas, here we are. i'm doing it and you can't stop me!

i'm starting out my new year eating vegetarian. i'm not yet at the 'vegan superstar' level my mom is, but let's be honest...how many people are actually as awesome as my mom? i know i'm not. i'm far from being an expert on eating healthy, i'm just here to yak about what i know. and i know i'm loving these snacks.

so right now, these are my two favorites. my superstar vegan mom could even enjoy them, too. they're getting me through these first few hard weeks of eating healthy--where all my brain is wants is taco bell. aah...taco bell....

the first is triscuit crackers, which i've never really enjoyed before but now can't seem to get enough of (plus, they were 3 boxes for $5 on sale. bonus!). they're ingredient list contains 3 items, and i recognize all of them, a factor i find utterly comforting. they're also yummy with spreadable cheese (i like sonoma jacks; it's cheaper than laughing cow and the same general idea) or salsa (david's favorite).

the second is del monte's red grapefruit cup. these little cups are..just incredible. i love them. can't say enough good things about them; they're filling, satisfy a little bit of the sweet tooth, and my mom says grapefruit fights cellulite. right on.

so, there you go! the little things that are making me happy today :)

oh: my new semester started today. i made it out alive, but just barely, okay? i'm just kidding, it's actually going to be a good one--i can feel it!!


  1. I was totally looking forward to seeing you in one of my english classes this morning. SERIOUSLY. I'm like, WHERE IS BRANDILYN!?!?!?! I have eng 450 tomorrow morning at 9am. I will be looking out for you!

  2. Mmmm eating healthy! I love how I feel when I eat healthy. But when Gushers are on sale, I am weak. I am a huge fan, though, of this company called "Natural Directions" that does organic everything. And Newman-O's! Oooo, I'm so hungry right now...

  3. Good thing the triscuits were on sale because those fruit cups are a fortune! Aren't they like $3 a cup? You rich little store owner you. :)

    Glad you had such a great holiday. It was SO fun catching up. And for the record... I'm still mad at Maglebee's for letting us down. So sorry about that. Oh well, at least Dave got his salsa fix early that day. :)

  4. Here's what I've been doing for 21 years! It's the best :)

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