Helping Haiti

picture stolen from pioneer woman. read about her amazing giveaway and support of this cause here. just commenting gets 10c donated--and that'll only cost you 1 minute!

I sent out a message to the stores' facebook group about this, but i'm copying it into here in case there's any Rexburg locals who read this blog but missed the email!

These last few days, I've been reading news reports about the earthquake in Haiti and its horrible aftermath. It's been on my mind a lot and I've been wanting to help, but couldn't figure out what I could do--a college student with limited resources in Rexburg, Idaho. Then it hit me. Why not have the clothing store host a fundraiser?? How did I not think of this sooner? I mean, duh!

With that in mind, this Saturday we're having a Haiti Earthquake Relief Fundraiser. Your tan will be free with a donation of any size to Doctors Without Borders. No matter what you can pay, it will help. Whether that means 25 cents, $2, or $10 for you, any and all donations are welcome! In addition, 15% of all our profit from clothing and tanning lotion sales that day will go to DWB. We'll also have extended hours, starting at 10 am.

You can read more about what Doctors Without Borders is doing to help here.
Thanks everyone! We hope to see you Saturday!


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