& i'm always gonna wanna blow your mind

a private love note in a very public place:

hey, david!

this week's been hard for me.
every day, you put on your business clothes. you look so good.
and then you leave me to go to your internship. for hours!
now, i don't see you all day. you can't bring me snacks and kisses and stuff at regular intervals.

well, you get off soon and i'm so excited to see you tonight. i can't wait to tell you about my day, as unexciting as it's been. i want to hear about what you've been up to and how your spanish-speaking went today.

i hope you know that all day i look forward to coming home and making dinner with you. i can't wait to be silly in our apartment and not care that no one else would think we're funny. the best part of every day for me is talking to you before we fall asleep. and hey, even though i always tell you that i don't want to talk about store business when i'm not in the store...i just love that you want my opinion.

i think you're so handsome. you surprise me every day.
love, brandilyn

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