ma famille

i have another blog post coming soon about our trip to georgia and about how awesome the newest additions to the people i call family are (read: david's family. they rock.), but i wanted to post real quick about my weltz family. also, i haven't put GA pictures on my camera yet and i need those!

both of my parents came up here before christmas to get my brother brian moved out of his old apartment, and my dad and brian were scheduled to come up here after christmas to get brian moved into his new student apartment. as i spent my first christmas away from home in 2009 and i didn't know when i'd see my mom again, our good-bye was an emotional one. i don't care if this makes me look like a weenie; i love my mom. being apart from her is hard for me. she's like my bff, but better on account of she's my mom so she looks and thinks just like me. so i sobbed like a little girl when she left. david even got me a milkshake to try to subdue the tears.

christmas was wonderful! i never once felt like i wasn't in the company of family. david's family is sweet and hilarious and a ton of fun, even when everyone's sick like we all were over the break.

but you can imagine why i freaked out and started crying (again) and shaking and borderline having an asthma attack when my mom walked through my apartment door yesterday afternoon. she hitched a ride up with my dad and brian, which meant missing robbie's 16th birthday (except it turns out the kid was going to spend the day snowboarding with his friends anyway and didn't mind my mom not being there).

today, we're spending the day getting brian settled into his new apartment. we went to the bookstore together, and he wore a fake fuzzy mustache and it was awesome. i'm making my favorite recipe of my mom's for dessert tonight and it's just been great having both of my parents when i was only planning on having one here.

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