my way

david started his internship today. he got all dressed in his business best and then left me alone in our apartment. i usually never go a full day without him as he works from home and i work from below our home (our apartment sits right above our little clothing store).  so i spent forever getting ready and then i showed my little broseph around campus, grocery shopped, and came home to...nobody! the apartment was empty! unheard of.

i started to get sad, but then decided to read my book instead.
then, rexburg had (another) blackout!
the accounting firm david works at now couldn't be open with no power, so they sent all the interns home. he had to come home at 1:00 and spend the afternoon napping with me.

i just love it when things go my way :)
school starts tomorrow. please cross your fingers for me. it's going to take all of my willpower to not just stay at home in my warm bed sucking my thumb.

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