our southern christmas

i've finally uploaded the pictures from our christmas trip to georgia.
unfortunately, i hardly took any--for instance, i don't have a single picture of david's mom, sisters, or their families. basically, world's worst picture taker = me.

well, our trip started in utah, where we met up with the beautiful david, shalynna, and oliver for breakfast (a meeting a long time in the making, but so worth the wait--crandalls, we basically want to be your new bffs). immediately following our breakfast date, we went to in-n-out. kind of embarrassing, but not completely because we all know how good in-n-out is, right?
once we arrived safely in georgia (at 12 am...long day of traveling!), we slept for a looong time. we celebrated david's little sister melissa's birthday party and david got to open 2 boxes of stuff he'd sent home from his mission in tucson almost 4 years ago!

david's sister lindsay and her boyfriend, will, got in the day after us. dave and lindsay wasted no time getting to work cleaning out the gutters on their parents' house.  that was also the day kristie and i did some last-minute christmas shopping and spent like an hour at relax the back. that store is amazing.

the next day we worked at the bishop's storehouse for a couple hours and went and visited ashley, david's older sister, and her cute kids.  andrew was sick, but still a ball of energy, and tanner, who's just a few weeks old, was an absolute doll. seriously one of the cutest babies ever.

david wanted to clean out his parents' garage, and in doing he pulled out his dad's old drum set and set it up in their living room.  i've never heard david play the drums, but he's actually really good! i tell you, the man surprises me daily. he looks pretty cute playing those drums, doesn't he?!
christmas eve and christmas day came and went so fast! 
we cooked so much delicious food on christmas eve and david's little brother scott got to call home from his mission in san bernadino, california on christmas day so the whole family got to talk to him.

the day after christmas was declared a sick day.  everyone had been getting a sore throat, cough, sniffles, etc. all week long.  we basically just hung out and visited and tried to get some energy back.  
on sunday, david and his dad and i drove up to tennessee to see david's grandmama.  we ate lunch at a gorgeous restaurant there and got to visit and look at old pictures in her cute little apartment.  then, we went to nashville to check out opryland--the sweetest hotel i've ever seen.  the whole inside is filled with waterfalls and it looks like a jungle, all with hotel rooms' balconies looking out over it.  we hit some nasty traffic on the way home, too, but got to visit with david's dad for a couple extra hours so that was really nice.
david and i at opryland:
david and his dad:
leaving nashville:
on monday, we drove peter, kristie's husband, to the airport in alabama.  another opportunity we got to visit for a couple hours in the car, but this time with peter and kristie!  driving through all those trees in georgia is seriously gorgeous, by the way. i loved it.

tuesday was our last day.  david, his mom, and i decided to head into atlanta and check out the apparel mart there.  you have to have a retail business license to get in and it's supposed to be clothes at "wholesale" prices. false.  most of the shirts there were $40 or more; hardly wholesale!  it was fun to walk around the huge building, though--it had probably 10-12 stories!

we flew home on wednesday.  we got to ride on a little prop plane, which made david's day--he loves those shaky, scary, little planes that make me want to hurl! i liked that all the frontier planes have a different animal on the tail and the wings, and on the way to georgia we got wild cats BOTH times! a funny story about that: i texted my mom and said, "mom, there's a kitten on the wing of our plane!" (meaning, a picture of one).  she said, "you should try to save it!" she thought i meant a live kitten, roaming around scared and about to be killed on the runway. i should have been more specific! haha.
well, that was our trip to georgia!
we got to spend so much time just hanging out with david's family, which was wonderful.  i feel like i really got to know them better and i truly do feel like a member of the family.  it's easy for me to see why david is so kind and has such a fun sense of humor--he grew up around people with those great qualities.  haynes family, i love you and we want to come see you again soon!!

p.s. sorry this post is seriously a novel. i had a lot to say!
p.p.s. i put another blog hit counter here on the first of the year and holy cow--there's already 133 hits!! i had no idea there were so many people that read this thing! thanks for stopping by, and feel free to leave a comment from time to time; i'd love to see who reads and i don't bite :)

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  1. Hi there, I'm Cait! I've actually been reading your blog faithfully since the summertime, I just love it! I know Jill and found your blog through her site.... Actually, I wanted to contact you sooner but I didn't know if you'd be creeped out! But, since you say you don't bite, I just thought I'd let you know I very much enjoy reading your blog and I think you are adorable!


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