a post all about pictures of ME

brookie just tagged like 6 pictures of me on facebook and i wanted to post some of them as evidence that i am, in fact, the world's most awkward photo subject. i actually just think this first one is awkward because my glasses look like they're doing that outdoor-sunglasses/indoor-glasses tint thing:
and this one's awkward because nick was super sweaty and i look deranged:this one, i have no excuses for. i was just being weird. and it looks like david's taking a mug shot: anyways, that's all. if only you could see like half of my engagement and wedding pictures...i guess i always have to sneeze or yawn or be mid-sentence when my picture's about to be taken. go figure.


  1. friend. we met in real life. at your wedding reception in GA. you looked gorgeous and i touched your dress. heheheh. dave is my favorite. i'm now going to stalk you too.

  2. I've been stalking this girl for almost 21 years! I love you, Oboe Joboe! I think you're the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world!


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