good things about today:
1.) we got a new refrigerator last night! it's already haynes personalized. it's big and clean and, most importantly, it is cold. we think our new refrigerator is beautiful. stacy took a bunch of pictures of the old fridge being removed, and i'll post those soon--i think they're funny!
2. i wore the necklace that i won today! i love it. i also started crocheting a yellow blanket (my first project!) while watching arrested development at the store. it's fun to learn something new, and i'm proud that i taught myself.
3. these shoes should be coming in the mail tomorrow! yay! i love target, i really do.
4. one of my very best friends in the whole world got engaged a few nights ago!! i got to talk to her a little on the phone tonight and i'm just so excited for her. she's going to be a beautiful bride and i'm so happy she found someone who treats her the way she deserves to be treated :) i can't wait to see her next time i go home to california.

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  1. hope the new fridge treats you well!!!! I can not wait to see the finish crocheting project.


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