we've got several distinct shoppers that come into panache. hopefully no offense is taken here; obviously these are all general observations and not true for every single person that comes in. the majority of people that come in are friendly, i really enjoy chatting with them, and they're not rude at all!

the cell phone shopper: people on cell phones do not actually 'shop,' per se. they do slow, wandering laps around the store, touching things every now and then. they stop at the mirrors and inspect their own faces. they do NOT ever actually see anything; their conversation has their attention and they do not multi-task. more often than not, they'll wander back out of the store, still on the phone. sometimes, they will hang up and blink a few times, as though wondering, "where is this place i ended up?" and then they will shop. but only then.

the mommy shopper: the mommy shopper usually comes in with a baby in a car seat. they always make me feel like i should rearrange because of how awkward it is to navigate the space while holding a car seat or pushing a stroller. often, they will set their baby down and start trying clothes on. the baby will start screaming, and this makes them increase the speed at which they're trying things on...but it doesn't make them stop.

the drama shoppers: these consist of a group of 2 or more girls. they usually belong to the same clique at their high school, or else they're roommates. they will take probably 10 different things with them into the dressing room, and then talk loudly over the top of the rooms about the latest drama. "so she walks into the kitchen, eats a bowl of cereal, and leaves the bowl in the sink! i was so mad, i was like, oh no you don't, you know?" "oh my gosh, i know, she's ridiculous. i got home the other night and she was like, did you have fun? i mean, could you be any more nosy? you know?" these girls also usually mispronounce the name of my store, 'PAN-chee,' or 'panatch.' today someone called it 'pancake.' i don't really mind that, though--it is a tricky name. for the record, it's pronounced 'puh-nash' :)

the snooty shopper: the snooty shopper will respond to my usual, "hey, how's it going?" with a quick glance or smirk, but nothing more. often they will just ignore me all together. sometimes they will make fun of something in the store they don't deem worth their time, and they'll leave a pile of clothes in the dressing room on the floor, inside out, stepped on, and with deoderant smears. if they buy something and i say, "oh, i really like this shirt! good choice!" they will look right past me and hold out their (ahem, daddy's) credit card.

the couple shopping
: once the man in the relationship realizes we have a couch, we breathes an audible sigh of relief. and when he sees that we've got a couple 'guy magazines' (ie, motorcross, snow board, computer), he's a happy camper. unfortunately for him, the couch is right outside of the dressing rooms, and this means that he has to watch his gilfriend/friend/wife/sister try on item after item. his opinion is usually, over and over, "that looks nice."

the man shopping: the man shopper is nervous and feel awkward being in a women's clothing store. they're shopping for a birthday, anniversary, or holiday and usually ask about a particular item we've had in the window that their girlfriend/wife/sister admired. they are always indecisive about which size they should buy; i always tell them that a medium is safe unless they are 100 % positive about what size their lady wears.


  1. Perfect observation. That's exactly the way I see it when I babysit your store too! People are really funny - they just usually fit into a couple of categories and don't realize how "typical" they are. Lol.

  2. Ha ha! That is so clever! Sometimes when my mom needs a new dress we all go - so my dad can teach my brothers how to properly give his opinion on an outfit - it's kinda funny - but really sweet

  3. These were awesome. I loved the descriptions. Sorry, but I'm a cell phone shopper. I'm also a cell phone driver. AND a cell phone nurser (haha- I talk on the cell phone while I feed Oliver). I even got voted, "Most likely to be on her cell phone," freshman year of college. Yah, not too proud of that award. That's why one of my New Year's resolutions two years in a row has been to "ponder" more because all my quiet time is spent on ma dang phone!


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