2009 was oh so good to us.
it was the first year i spent with david from the very beginning to the very end!
i would do a '2009 recap' on here, but i'm sleepy and besides...
you can link to all my old posts on the right side of my blog here. 2009 is documented pretty thoroughly in there :)
basically: it was a great year. it started in california with my family and ended in georgia with davids' (which i'll post about on here soon).

we are so excited for 2010...
it began with scott & carrie's insanely cute new year's party, a gorgeous light snowfall, coming home, and getting cozy in our sweats.
it was wonderful.

we hope this year includes:
 lots of snowboarding, the store doing well, traveling to see family, good grades, new & old friends, michelle coming home, david's graduation, and my hair growing long.

happy new year, everyone!!! 
i hope you spent the holidays with the people you love and that you have high hopes and attainable resolutions!! thanks for reading :)

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