i've been anxious lately.
i'm not sure if it's the combination of full-time school, full-time work/owning a small business, and being a full-time wife...or maybe it's february. february is a little bit of a cruel month. i'm not huge on valentine's day, so that doesn't do much to cheer it up for me. i think by now i'm just so sick of winter..and cold...and snow. and i miss the sun. leading up to december, winter is fun because it's almost christmas time and you remember how very cute winter clothes are and the snow is so pretty. but by january it's getting old and by february it's just downright awful. we're also halfway through the semester and i'm getting that in-over-my head feeling where things are getting rough and i can't see the light at the end of the tunnel yet and i feel like it will never end. and i'm homesick, and david's at work all day, every day (saturday's included) and i just miss him.

i know this is complain-y...but i guess it's the reason i haven't been posting a lot lately. i feel overwhelmed and stressed and anxious. i know life will get more hectic than this someday, i'm just hoping i learn how to manage it better or something.
anyways, i hope everyone's having a great week! i'll be back soon with more cheerful stuff :)


  1. You know what would cheer both of us up???


    O my goodness this bitter coldness is definitely not good for me. I see the sunshine and associate it with warmth but NO I leave for school in negative degrees!

    Sick. Sick sick...

  2. all's ya gots ta do is:

    shimmy into your "magic jeans" you know what ones i'm talking about!

    dance around to a little jaunty tune

    oh... and if i were in your shoes, i'd try on every single item in your store... but that's just me

    hope the funk lifts... :)

  3. I hope you get out of your 'funk' soon.

    And complain away, I say. Better out than in. xx

  4. Come see yo momma! We gots plenty of sunshine and green hills that stretch as far as the eye can see. Plus, there's plenty of love here and I'll even bake you some fresh home made cookies and I'll give you gum and candy and toys and treats!


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