baby beluga in the deep blue sea...

i hurt for animals way more than i hurt for humans.

i'm seriously one of those people that drives by a car accident and thinks, "gosh, i hope there wasn't a dog in the car."

last night, i read the story about the sea world trainer that got killed by a whale and all i could think about was how i hoped they didn't have to kill the whale. it's a WILD KILLER whale!! it wasn't his fault!! and whales just always look so cute, with their constantly upturned smiling mouths.

i know this sounds awful, and i truly do feel awful for the trainer's family because i can't imagine the heart break that comes with losing someone you love in a freak accident like that. and i love humans!

but i really, really hope the whale can go live in a zoo or something where he doesn't have to interact with people and he can just live his whale life in peace. he wasn't designed to be in a tank and do tricks for stadiums of people, he was designed to be wild. and i know that zoos and places like sea world give animals that couldn't survive in the wild homes where they can be safe and have babies and live long lives.
it just gives me this horrible, hole-in-the-heart sad feeling whenever i think about an animal being sad or hurting. whenever i see a craigslist ad about a dog that's about to be put down and needs a home as soon as possible, it makes me cry that i can't adopt, or even just foster-home them until they can find a better home.
well, anyways, i'm praying for the family of the sea world trainer that got killed...but you know i'm also praying for the whale's safety.


  1. i know what you mean, i bawl when those Humane Society commercials come on... and to make it worse, they always have Sarah McClachlin crooning her sad sad songs.

  2. i love that you are an animal lover. i am not necessarily an animal hater, but i never thought to drive by a car accident and think "i hope there wasn't a dog in there" you just changed my whole life perspective.

  3. Like mother like daughter


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