cabin fever

i was unhappy, and it was all because of our apartment.

when we moved in, i was all, "oh it's so cute! we have hard wood floors (that we did ourselves)! it's above the store! it's teeny and adorable! the bazillion stairs up to our apartment keep me skinny! look at the adorable vintage-y kitchen!"

and then, a year later, i was all, "we don't have a dishwasher. we don't have a washer and dryer. we have neighbors on 3 sides. i feel like everyone can hear our private conversations (seriously, i wait until we're outside or in the car to tell dave anything too personal). i'm tired of the stairs. IT'S SO SMALL. there's no counter space."

you could say i'd developed a poop attitude.

my husband, like many men, is a fixer. he fixes things. he finds joy and a sense of purpose in finding solutions to problems, while i find satisfaction in talking about and dissecting them. i'd say that's a pretty standard difference in marriages, wouldn't you?

tonight, we had a talk about our living situation.
said he, "i think we should stay here for the next year and a half while we finish school. this apartment is cheap, it's right above the store, we don't need much more than this. it's cheap. and did i mention, honey, how cheap it is?"
said i, "but daa-aa-aaa-ve! i'm miserable! we only have one plug in the bathroom, and we don't have a bathroom counter! there's no counter space...and our clothes are all dirty and it's so inconvenient and expensive to do laundry! daaa-aaa-ve!" i was whining.

so my husband, in true husband fashion, took out some scratch paper and made a list of the things i didn't like. then, one by one, he talked about how he would fix them.

"if we replace the (currently broken) washer and dryer in the store, we could use it for both tanning towels and our own laundry. i'll start looking for a thin twin tomorrow." check.

"if we move within the building (thus keeping our rent the same), but down a floor, we eliminate some stairs, there's only neighbors on one side, and their bathroom is better than ours." check (plus a bonus for finding a compromise).

then he came to the item on his list that said i wanted (
needed) more counter space. and he did this:

this is the counter where the microwave used to be. it took up most of the little space we do have, but it needed to be there because we only have one (ONE!) electricity outlet in the kitchen. he did a little crafty rearranging, got an extension cord, and voila! moved the microwave here, across the kitchen:
you would not believe the difference it makes. our kitchen feels BIGGER! i want to prepare food in it! i love it!

once he was done, he said, "can you live without a dishwasher for a while if we can fix all the other things that are bothering you?"

um, yeah. most definitely.

so i guess the moral of this whole, long story is: even though you can't fix everything, just fixing one thing will make you feel a whole lot better. oh, and my husband's awesome...and patient and kind, even when i'm being a brat. and he's super hot on top of all of that.


  1. Dave is just simply the best.

  2. super rad cool hubby you've got! and trust me, i know the feeling of abhorring your apartment! hang in there

  3. I'm the man

  4. saw this on ModCloth... thought immediately of you...



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