i made david a book of valentine's day coupons this year, too.
it was really just something i saw a DIY project for online and decided to do while i was hanging out in the store.
well...he loved it, despite the unexcited/borderline creepy look he has in this picture.
i put coupons in there for things like, "one full sink of dishes done no complaints," "a day in your gross nikes," and "dinner at pita pit (i'll pay)" (david adores pita pit and i'm not such a big fan).
he flips through them all the time. i left on blank at the end and said that he could make that coupon for whatever he wanted, and it's looking like he's going to save it up for something big.
so, ladies, if you're at a loss for a birthday, anniversary, etc. idea...do a coupon book! it's super cheap and david loves it.
p.s., i also cut my bangs real short...trying to decide how i feel about them...the hair out of my eyes part is nice though.


  1. I made MY David a coupon book too! I think his favorite coupon was thirty minutes of hair/back scratch/tickle. Your bangs are cute!

  2. Ha! I love it!

    Speaking of coupons, Broulims had an online coupon for $5 any purchase over $50. I printed it out, but only planned on spending a few dollars when I went to Broulims yesterday, so I left the coupon at home.

    My total at Broulims?


    Aw, pants.


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