days go by

i've been a lottle slow on posting lately, but life's been a little crazy.

i had an english paper that sort of ate my life for a while...i guess i just wanted it to be really, really good...and it just took a while for me to be completely satisfied with it. turning it in was such a relief, though--i literally felt a huge weight lift off my chest. i guess that's what comes with being passionate about something; an intense desire to be GOOD at it! working the store has been good, but by today (saturday), i'm definitely ready for my day off. i start to feel like i live in here...which i sort of do. i spend more time awake in the store than i do in my own apartment! i'm still doing the humors. we have rehearsal every monday now, and it's one of the highlights of my week.

david's been working his internship all day, every day...and when he's not there, he's at home working his klee job. and when he's not doing that, he's doing books for the store. the poor guy never gets a break. we're only a few weeks into this semester, and we're already ready for it to be over and done with.

all that being said, though, we've still found time to have some fun! there's some time at the end of each day that i just love. while we're getting ready for bed, we get to just relax and be goofy and make silly jokes and run around our { tiny } apartment. i look forward to it all day. oh, and tonight we're going to see the peking acrobats with our next-door neighbor friends! i'm really excited about that.

so, there's a somewhat boring update on our lives. hopefully i'll be back this next week with some more interesting posts.

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