helping haiti

one of david's good friends is also named david. he recently went to Haiti and came back with some amazing pictures and stories, which he posted about here. it's a really beautiful post and made me tear up a few times. even though i don't know them very well, i feel so blessed to know him and his wife, shalynna. they're honest and funny and they just radiate...goodness. i hope that makes sense. anyways, read his post. it's beautiful and it made me think about haiti in a different way.


  1. You are so sweet. I adore you. Someday we will have to go to another country together with our husbands and have wonderful experiences.

  2. thank you for posting this brandilyn! i went to their blog and it was the most beautiful/heart wrenchin post. I am happy to hear that they were able to go and to share their experience! this also made me think about Haiti in a different way!

  3. That was beautiful and the pictures were breathtaking! btw, I stopped by the store Saturday to try that dress but you had stepped out. I didn't end up getting it; you're right, it was LONG.


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