je t'aime

david and i probably had one of the most un-traditional valentine's weekends ever. in lieu of flowers & chocolate, we exchanged power tools and computers. i made chow mein--out of a can, no less--for dinner on saturday and tonight (the actual valentine's day) we did a kind of miscellaneous, eat-whatever-sounds-goood night. last night, we saw a movie at the dollar theater. tonight, we played uno with some friends and david made a bleach scrub to get the mold out of our bathroom ceiling (there's no window or fan in there...our apartment was built in like the 40's...i don't want to talk about it anymore). i worked on the blanket i'm crocheting.

i wouldn't say that we're not romantic...i'd just say that we're full-time students, david's got an internship in addition to his regular part time job, and i'm the only employee at the small business that we own and run in addition to all of that other stuff i just mentioned. we've sort of got a lot on our plates...oh, and dave was sick this week.

someday, i am so excited for my husband to whisk me off to paris for valentine's day. to wake me up with vases of lilies decorating our five-star hotel suite. to order room service (dairy-free) chocolate-covered strawberries. to kiss under the eiffel tower.

this year, chow mein and uno worked just fine.

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