loving some love

well, valentine's day is near. david and i already exchanged gifts (a power drill for him {see post below} and a new computer for me {post to come}) and we say we love each other all the time (probably to an extent annoying to others). so, in lieu of th super gushy post i could write about david, i decided to just tell about the non-husband things in my life that i'll be celebrating my love for on sunday...plus, you hear enough about that handsome, thoughtful man i'm married to on this blog anyways, right?? :)

i love family * i love panache * i love byu-idaho * i love the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints * i love cake * i love blogging * i love cats * i love the humors / improv * i love crocheting * i love my next-door neighbor friends * i love my new computer * i love the jeans i got at the store (our store) * i love my scentsy warmer * i love sleeping in * i love blue * i love my wedding ring * and i love love.
happy valentine's day, everyone!

also: we're doing a giveaway over on the store's blog...it's open until 10:00 tonight, so don't forget to enter! i'll be announcing the winner over there tomorrow afternoon.

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  1. I love the story about Dave's Valentine's gift. David ruined his too. Why are husbands like that? Or is it because us wives are bad at hiding things because we're so innocent and pure? Miss you guys.


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