it's saturday morning. it's cold out, but i'm warm in my little store. i just opened up shop for the day.
i'm wearing my favorite yellow top and oxford flats. i have a loaf of french bread, a smoothie, a banana, and a little mini pack of my favorite ferrero rocher candies. the store is tidy, my husband is only a block away, and i'm going on a date with him tonight. it's even a good hair day.

seriously, i don't think it gets any better than this second right now.


  1. yay for happiness!! :)

    and i am uber jealous of your food ha.

    and yes i know that uber is not an american word, heck it isn't even german without the accent above the u but i don't know how to put one.. so don't judge me :P

    love you!

  2. love it.
    i love ferrero rocher. I could eat them all day. they are divine. and speaking of french bread. we bought a loaf and put it down in like 10 minutes when we got back from the store. oh well. it was dang good.

  3. what a pretty watercolor.

    sounds like an excellent day


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