it is impossible for me to surprise my husband. it's not because he's a super sleuth or anything, it's really not. it's because i inevitably, every single time, get too excited about what i'm giving/doing for him.
for valentine's day, though, i thought i could surely prevail.

surely, this ONE time, i could keep my mouth shut and just play like i was going to just make him a fancy dinner and maybe give him a card and then, at the end of the night, be like, "oh yeah, and here's this TOTALLY AMAZINGLY PERFECT GIFT!"

and he would be so astonished.

so a few weeks ago, i had some unexpected cash in my secret bank account (the one i don't use since we got married and joined finances, but that still exists). it was just enough to get him something surprising and make him wonder how i did it.

i had the perfect gift in mind, too. a power drill. don't laugh because of the cliche, though! he really needs/wants one!

so i called up my daddy, who talked me through finding one that was worth dropping the cash on. he suggested one from home depot, a 15v. ryobi power drill that came with 2 batteries and a charger. it's all greek to me, but i said "sure, sweet, whatever," because i knew that if my dad approved it, it'd be great.

of course, david hears me on the phone with my dad. i never mentioned "gift," or, "drill," or even "david," so i thought i was safe. as soon as i hung up, though..

D: who was that?
me: it was my dad
D: oh cool, what'd he say?
me: not much, he was just helping me with something.
D: what?
me: a project. for school.
D: why couldn't your mom help you?
me: i needed my dad's help...
D: well, why didn't you ask me?
me: because...because... (exasperated) it was for a valentines day gift, honey! i needed his opinion, so he gave it to me, and that's ALL i'm going to say about it!!

well, now that david knew there was a gift for him involved, he was interested. he wanted a hint. i finally decided i would give hiim ONE hint to shut him up, and i would make that hint impossible for him to decipher. i told him, "i'll give you the initials of the thing i'm giving you. RPD." i'm thinking, ryobi power drill, right? and he'll never guess that i put the brand name in there...

"is the first word ryobi?? is it??"

i tried to play dumb. i TRIED. but he wasn't buying it. he knew my lying face.

and that, ladies and gentlemen, is why it's impossible to surprise my husband. i just suck at it. and that's how he knew 2 weeks before valentine's day that there was a ryobi power drill coming in the mail for him.

so dave...no more hints next time. not even one.

in fact, just assume that there will be no more presents for you, ever again.


  1. haha this is really funny and cute.

  2. However, I must say that you DID manage to surprise him with his bday gift to West Yellowstone. He was completely caught off guard with that one and you had that planned for like three months before the date! I applaud you.


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