store blog!

i started a new blog for the store!

i'm excited because it's on blogger, and blogger's easier for me to manage than some of the other sites i've tried to use. i'll be posting pictures of new shipments, updates, special deals and discounts for our followers, and maybe do the occasional giveaway! it should be a lot of fun. i've been meaning to get a store blog going for a while.

you can find it at: http://panache57.blogspot.com

i just posted about a new shipment we got in today :) enjoy!
on a side note: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little brother and sister! they're turning 12 today. yayy twins!


  1. yay! will keep watch! also, happy birthday to your brother and sister!


  2. Sorry I was so short on the phone. Lol. We were trying to watch Kindergarten Cop and got like half a dozen phone calls. The twins loved hearing from their big sis, though. Thank you sooo much for thinking of them. You are such a great role model. I love you, princess.


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