these are a few of my favorite things...

oh, surprise, surprise...a list! but i'm brandilyn, and this is my blog, so what did you expect?

a few of my favorite things:
(in no particular order, obvs...)


my best friend! 
letters & packages to & from her. counting down until she gets home, but loving hearing about her adventures away. the constancy of our never-ending supply of awesome, hilarious jokes. the level of comfort that's like x50 of what i have with anyone else (well, rivaled only by my husband or parents). i know it sounds like i'm talking about a boyfriend or something...but i really, really do love michelle (ahem, sister piazza :)
modern family = hilarious. every thursday on hulu!
my straightener. superficial, yes, but it's seriously the best and i'd look like afro-frizz-monster without it.
my old favorite books. i'm thinking i'll get a library card and revisit some old friends this summer. i'm a dork, but this is MY blog and i can say whatever i want!! 
marriage. simply stated: it's the best.
getting to spend every day and night with my best friend? knowing our love is not just "until death do us part," but "for time and all eternity"?
yeah, that rocks. &it gets better every day.
the lava lamp david won me at the arcade. yep, i'm serious.
the gospel. it brings me joy, meaning, and peace. and i am in love with it.
crocheting...it's fun. and fast. and looks so cool! you could seriously learn how in an hour, and there's SO many things you can make. i've done 2 headbands already, and my blankets coming along right nice.
my bridesmaids dress...i love it. i'm mainly obsessed with the color (turquoise, duh), but i also think it's just plain cute.
&this stuff. cause now david and i can enjoy ice cream together :)
happy sunday, everyone!
i hope your week is fannnntastic!


  1. oh dear. i remember those books. the thousands of them. and i'd always try to read them with you (not the same one of course because you would've batted me away and I would've complained everytime you tried to change the page because i'd still have like 3 paragraphs to go....) but while you read.. which was a lot. and yet i'd still only read for like 10 min, get bored, and go find the boys or something. ha


  2. So glad you guys like the ice cream!!!! When it said lactose free I was a little worried since it is practically the main ingredient but YAY!
    BTW is that a CHI straightner? I have heard rumors of them being great but haven't known anyone to ask for sure if it is worth the $$. So if you do use a chi I would love yoru opinion!


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