i'd just like to throw it out there that i am NOT a shy person. i think the people closest to me would say that i'm sarcastic and maybe even a little outspoken. i don't mind being the center of attention in a group setting. i make fun of myself a lot.
anyways...as i've gotten older, i've found myself getting weirder and weirder in public situations. and i hate it.

i always turn red. always. and i don't mean a cute pink blush around my cheeks...i mean fire red, my whole face, and it takes a while to calm down. i don't just turn red when i'm speaking to a large group, either (although i turn red then, too). sometimes when someone i don't know very well just says hi to me, i get red. or while i'm ringing up a customer. one time a lady in a mall bathroom complimented my blue boots and my face was AFLAME. i also stutter...and the backs of my knees get all weak and quivery. it's SO AWKWARD. i know i don't get this from my mother, who makes friends with strangers in target and stuff...and i was never like this growing up. what changed?! i swear i'm not embarrassed all the time!
someone give me some advice!!


  1. when in doubt.. draw a dinosaur :]

  2. you know what's interesting? I've read like 4 different blogs about this same issue in like the past month and written one myself. They are all by girls about our age, been married around a year or so, in college..... pattern? maybe its because we are not in social situations as much like we were when we were rooming with a bunch of other girls? but I think you're great! and I love it when you turn red! especially while you're shooting water buffalos!

  3. I turn red too! But like, blotchy red on my chest and neck. It's really awful. Especially when I have to confront someone (its so obvious even when I'm trying to calm). Love the turtle on your blog title!

  4. dude, i think blushing is cute. i wish i wasn't SO ASIAN.... blushing is NOT cute on us asians.... we just look like we're sweating.

  5. I can't give you advice...I do the exact same thing!

  6. When you were saying that you're outspoken, I had to remember our good times in 251 with heidi. Oh...Heidi. I miss her.

    PS my face ALWAYS gets red too. I try to think before hand that I WILL NOT TURN RED...and it sometimes works.

  7. Over Christmas break John and I met at First Treat Yogurt to catch up and a couple people from high school walked in and started chatting with us, as we were talking I felt my face getting hotter and hotter and I know it was pretty red, AND I'm pretty sure I was sweaty something awful in the armpit department. John and I departed from them and I said "Oh my gosh, my face is on fire" to which he replied, "Ya, I noticed, what's wrong with you?"


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