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i came down to the store yesterday for Humors rehearsal.
as i started pushing all of our clothing racks into the front of the store, something caught my eye. something shiny. it was a ring, sitting on our black jewelry table. it was seriously huge and had tons of different colored stones on it. the price tag was written out in my handwriting.
i swear to you i have never seen this ring before in my life.
i'm so confused.
i place all the jewelry orders for the store. i hand pick everything that comes into this place. i also make individual codes for every item, enter them into our point of sale software, and handwrite price tags. i just don't get how i could have missed this ginormous, loud ring.
anyone have any ideas about how this happened??!


  1. Perhaps someone took one that you had in your store and replaced it with this one, but cleverly put your price tag on it so that you might not notice it?

  2. My guess is the same with casey and nate. Hmm, but aliens seem more interesting. haha.

    love your blog dear! follow, follow!


  3. Lol. You could be like your mom and just are losing it. Sorry, I couldn't resist.


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