bloop de blah blah

david's grandmama is turning 90 in a few days and his dad asked all of the kids to make her a 'happy birthday' video since we can't all be there ( :( ). well, we tried twice on my computer and once on david's phone before we finally got it right on my phone. you can see here that the quality is excellent (not).

you should also listen to this song if you haven't already. it's my new favorite sunday music (also homework music). it is peaceful and beauuutiful!

well...i guess our sunday wasn't too exciting. i started getting blue cooped up in the apartment writing my paper so we went for a walk around rexburg's little "downtown." it was so nice and the weather was (!!) mild. yay!
hope everyone's starting the week off well! it's my last full week of school for this semester and i couldn't be more excited.

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  1. I love it when it starts warming up in Rexburg. I want to see the Birthday Video... hehheheeh


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