come as you are

i love that david dresses like an old man for work...i think he is so cute.
i do not love that i had tanning appointments booked from 3:00 all the way up to the last appointment available at 5:30, 2 people going in every 1/2 hour. that's 12 people that had appointments; 2 every 1/2 hour.

do you know how many people i turned away for tanning, saying, "sorry, i'm booked straight up until the end of the day!" ?
at least 6.

and do you know how many people showed up for their appointments?
3. 3! out of 12!

i'm considering doing walk-ins only, first come first serve.
i feel like a big fat jerk for turning those people away, and then having our beds sit empty for the majority of the afternoon.


  1. Booo! Not cool! I was about to suggest a no-show penalty too. Unless they call ahead to cancel, they owe you money anyway! Hmph.

  2. I would have a walk-in policy only. We had a local kids hair salong switch to a walk-in only policy after they had many of their booked appointments not show while they were turning away walk-ins.



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