date me

(me with my guava jarritos last night on the way to idaho falls. shexy.)

i love impromptu dates.

last night, we had planned to have a date night but didn't actually plan anything to do.
we ended up getting taco bus and driving down to idaho falls to pick up a (SWEET) motorcycle for our next-door neighbor friends.

tonight, we decided to do something a little more...date-ish...but still didn't have anything planned. we ended up getting (COMPLETELY FREE) mill hollow, watching the comic frenzy show, going to wal mart and putting little easter baskets together for each other (i figured that we'd have to start traditions sometime), and watching the office on hulu.

i like that we do these things spontaneously. i don't think we'll be able to do that when we've got little ninos running around...and i enjoy it. i enjoy him. he is funny and cute and looks dang good in his grey vest :)

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  1. yes. LIVE IT UP before the wee punks come along... for you will not be this freeeeeeeee ever again!!!!!!

    ps. I live RIGHT by the taco bus and Still haven't been there!! i know, i'm super lame!


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