let them eat cake

for public speaking, we were filmed giving our informative speech and required to watch it and write a critique of ourselves.
watching myself public speak on video = painfully awkward.

here i am telling my class all about the benefits of a diet without dairy...this was right before i told them that step 1 to baking a delicious vegan cake was putting jimmy buffett music on and dancing in your kitchen.
(my informative speech was on how to make an amazing vegan chocolate cake)
my thoughts: ew ew ew never wearing that shirt again + is my hair always in my face like that? and in making a conscious effort to eliminate the word "like" from my speech, i seem to have replaced it with "so, um.."
but on a lighter, less self-deprecating note, i really like my nose!

my classmate's thoughts: thanks for the cake samples at 8 am.



  1. I hate videos of myself and hearing my own voice.

    You are so gorgeous!

  2. you look great! And I love the shirt.

  3. 1) you like chocolate cake, and that's ok
    2) everyone thinks they sound nasally on tape. except me, i sound like an elephant with a lisp.


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