(this is me...just doing my store thing, happy as a clam! p.s. i think the webcam on my new computer makes me look a little funny...like airbrushed or something. i'm not airbrushed, though! i wouldn't know how to edit photos even if i had the software!)

i've been such a happy camper lately!
i definitely went through a slump in my personal life these last few weeks.
don't you hate those??
no rhyme or reason...i was just a poo face. poor david.
lucky for me, he's a patient one. and hilarious, too!

well, either way, i've snapped out of it. i'm back in the swing of things: placing clothing orders, making dinner for my mister, doing my hair (well, most days..), going on impromptu dates with my husband, trying to pick up flirty spanish phrases (it cracks david up every time i say "mi carino!"), and happily writing a feminist theory paper on frankenstein (even though i'm totally not a feminist, i seem to like writing feminist papers..hm).

just doing my thing, looking forward to the end of the semester and heading to sunny california!
life is good!


  1. A: you're beautiful... no editing ever needed!
    B: love your headband!
    C: so glad you're outta the funk... those are the pits
    D: Miss you, miss the store... mostly miss money :)
    E: Feminist theory on Frankenstein... wow, go you!

  2. I would LOVE to read your paper on frankenstein and feminist theory! I am glad you are happy :D Life is too short to be sad.


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