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today, i went to classes and ran around a bit like a crazy person going to a meeting with my religion professor, resubmitting a paper my teacher apparently didn't get (??!), you know...handling life. when i got home, i needed to go run errands. broulim's was a crazy mess and the lady at nature's nook was a bit snooty and they didn't have tofutti sour cream (COME ON!)...and i felt a bit flustered all morning. i staggered up to my apartment with my arms loaded down with groceries and gallons of (distilled) water and kind of...collapsed in my living room.

i decided to change into comfier clothes, and my old yoga pants just seemed like the most practical option. it felt good to put them on. since i was feeling nostalgic for the days when i worked at be well (rip), i decided to throw that shirt on, too. well, once my yoga clothes were on, i thought to myself, "hey self...you haven't done yoga in months! why'd you do that? huh? huh??" and so i cleared a space on my living room floor and put some of my favorite music into a playlist real quick and started doing sun salutations.

almost immediately, i felt AWAKE. i felt like my body was saying, "hey, brandilyn, i've missed you! why don't you take my out to play anymore?" i guess i didn't have a good answer, so i just kept doing sun salutations and started adding in a couple other poses i remembered as an apology. i was insanely grateful for the dozens of classes i'd taken that got me to the point where i can do these things without a video or cd or anything. i felt like i was playing, man! it felt so good! since my favorite songs were on, sun salutations led into dancing and jumping and hopping around my living room (yeah sorry downstairs neighbor). yoga practices don't have to be serious all the time, do they?? well, either way, mine wasn't.

i rejoiced in my ability to jump around and shake my hips and do shoulder stands and kick my feet in the air. i wiggled my fingers and toes and HUGGED myself and felt so very bad for taking advantage of my ability to move.
so anyways, this is the least fat i've felt in the last couple months. i just feel too glad to have a body at all to hate it today. i felt so good that i rode my bicycle to my tutor appointment at the library...and found out that i might be taking a trapeze class with my momma in berkeley in a few weeks! it's good to be active.

in case you're wanting to have an impromptu yoga/dance party in your own living room, here are some tunes i most definitely recommend:

M79 by vampire weekend
love today by mika

in the sun by she & him

here comes the sun by the beatles

relator by pete yorn & scarlett johansson

come thou fount of every blessing by sufjan stevens (that's a savasana song)

namaste! :)

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